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When people are brought back to their natural environment in their natural state, a curiosity spark forms. They start talking about other species and often enhance their appreciation of animals around them. It should come to no ones surprise that kids are always interested in mysterious things that define life:

A child who has never been allowed to see his parents and brothers and sisters naked sees nudity as something shocking.

--Dr. Helga Fleishhauer Hardt, SHOW ME (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1975)

Nudist Parks/Resorts

What lies beyond the dreaded gate?
(Entrance to White Tail Park) First of all, they are not "nudist colonies". That is a rather antiquated term used by the media, perpetuating a rather shallow image based on lack of information. Instead, they are getaway destinations for people in the surrounding communities, visitors to the area, and for the people who live there. Most parks and resorts are a mix of campground, resort, mobile home community, and private member club. Some are rustic with only property and maybe a clubhouse, while others resemble fancy subdivisions with condos, shops, restaurants, and activities galore. Most clubs have residents who live there, if only seasonal or part-time. The majority of the members live within a few hours drive and come on weekends. Visitors come in two varieties, traveling nudists from other clubs or organizations, and first timers, trying it out for the first time.

Check the AANR directory for a club nearby or in an area you plan to visit. Lesson number one: CALL AHEAD! Introduce yourself and ask if you'd be welcome to visit. If you're a single male or traveling without your spouse, some clubs might inform you of policies they may have that restrict the number of single males or discourage visits without spouses. The single male issue relates to the fact that nudist men outnumber women in many areas, and some clubs seek to maintain a "gender balance" to avoid having some of the women feel uncomfortable. The missing spouse issue relates to clubs trying to be "family friendly", encouraging both spouses to work out their differences and attend together, rather than be split apart by their different interests. If you fit into either of these two categories, and/or the manager seems cool or rejecting, call another club. Many of the more progressive clubs, and most of the larger clubs, have dropped such policies, especially against single males. Single women will have little problem securing an invitation to visit. In either case, don't give up. Remember, you're asking to be invited to a private club, not a public park. Be polite and state your interest. You might not want to bring the kids on the first visit. They'll pick up on your nervousness, and will be much more comfortable when you are more confident and relaxed about it.

Then comes the big day. Get good instructions on how to find the place, since most parks are pretty secluded. When you arrive, tell them your name and remind them that you called earlier. Don't worry about being nervous. The manager has probably dealt with hundreds to thousands of first timers, so just follow his or her lead. The grounds fees for the day will vary between $8 to $30+, depending on how fancy the club is. They'll tell you where to park, where things are, and will probably give you a list of common sense rules. If you're lucky and the manager has some time, you might get a tour and/or get introduced to some of the regulars. After that, you're usually on your own.


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