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We periodically receive images submitted by our nudist friends to be shared online with the rest of the world. We thank everyone's contribution and respect the fearless stand they take in promoting naturist beliefs. Yes, new laws make it more and more difficult of living your life without commercialized "necessities", but we are here to stay. We believe people have the right to shed unnatural cultural elements and improve their lives and spirit by going naked.  

"Don't arrest me I was born this way!"

- seen on a the body of a Naked Mile participant

Nude Beaches

Beaches with a tradition of nude use usually aren't a problem. Often, there isn't an explicit law against nude sunbathing, and the authorities ignore secluded groups of nude sunbathers. If you aren't far enough away from the clothed crowd, they might ask you to dress. In cases where there is a clear law against nude sunbathing, you could be ticketed, but usually only if you refuse to dress when asked. The police usually would rather be doing something more productive, and will likely cut you all the slack they can. Still, don't push it in an area known to be unfriendly to the idea. "Indecent exposure" charges are usually reserved for flashers and others who are deliberately disturbing the peace. Simple nudity in a secluded setting usually doesn't qualify as indecent exposure unless there is a deliberate attempt to offend.

Your best bet is to visit a beach with a long tradition of hassle free nude use. Some states have designated nude beaches, while others have areas where they simply turn a blind eye. There are no federal laws against nudity, so many of the best places are in secluded areas of federal parks, seashores, and other federal recreation areas. Beware that some federal areas are less friendly than others. See my page on Where to Go for some suggestions.

So you find the place and walk down toward a bunch of "naked people". Then what? Just relax. Hang around the edges or set up a "safe" distance away so you can observe what's going on. No one will mind if you keep your suit on. Take your time. If you're not comfortable with slipping out of your suit on this visit, maybe next time. Stay as long as you like. You're free to leave at any time.

Getting naked the first time is like going into cold water. Some like to take it slow, while others like to dive in to get it over with. My advice is the latter. Make up your mind and just take off your clothes as if there's nothing to it. Ignore any thoughts to the contrary and you'll soon notice that it wasn't such a big deal. Act natural and any remaining anxiety will quickly abate. You'll be surprised how quickly it just "feels right".

From then on, just enjoy yourself. Notice how unbroken the sun, surf, and sand feels on your body. Play volleyball with the regulars if offered. Most people mind their own business at nude beaches, but it's not because they're not friendly (usually quite the opposite). Some people just want to be left alone, and most people there respect that. Nude beaches are usually relatively quiet and peaceful, compared with the riffraff and noise at your typical beach.

If you aren't comfortable at one beach, try another. If you'd feel safer with a group, check the guides and the internet for groups that frequent beaches in your target area. It may take a trip or two before you get used to it, but give it a chance. Personally, I get frustrated when I go to a "textile" beach with clothed friends. Once you get used to not having anything between you and the beach, it's hard to go back.


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