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"Sure, some people might believe they are offended by nude bathers, but, if you never encounter anything that offends you in your community, you are not living in a free society."

- Corky Stanton

Isn't Nudism Bad? Are Nudists All About Sex?

The lack of understanding and ignorance affects naturists in a negative way. We are confined to very few private (and expensive clubs) and our back yards. We don't have the rite to use any parks or beaches because of the strong opinions against nudism of MPP's and because we are such a small minority. If half of all Canadians were naturists then we would have sanctioned areas. Perhaps there are ways around restrictive legislature, but finding that route is the difficult part. The bible describes Adam and Eve, nude in the garden of Eden. There was no shame or immorality, just beauty and happiness. This makes me wonder why so many religious icons declare nudity immoral. Perhaps they chose to ignore the meanings that Genesis demonstrates.

The anti naturist point of view is that not wearing clothing is shameless. However, naturists can not quite understand the fixation with shame. We can not quite understand why one should be ashamed of their nude body. Perhaps shame comes from being scared to acknowledge one's imperfections as normal. Naturists agree that they are not shameful of the human body, perhaps it is this that binds the community.

Mentally, there is an association for many people between nudity and sex. Since there is an association that is already present, it is sometimes assumed that there is overt sexual conduct in the nudist/naturist environment. This is very much untrue, since the nudism community has strict rules about ual behavior. It is more taboo in the naturism environment than it is in other places because the naturism community is a family environment. The nudity equals sex misconception is embedded deep within many people in the world today. The only way in which naturists can counterbalance this misconception is by educating the non-naturist people.


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