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Annually, in different locations around the world, nudists conduct adult and teen beauty pageants that celebrate the beauty of the human form. When it comes to being naked, beauty is judged on an ability to absorb emotion, intellect, shape and natural elements that define a natural human form. We have extensive galleries that focus on this beautiful event, along with adult contestants.

I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American.  But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic and a progressive religious experience.

--Shelley Winters

Who starts a naturist club?

While naturist clubs have sprung from a wonderful variety of beginnings, and many have not survived, the surest start is with a small and dedicated group. And this approach holds true whether the club is to be a co-operative or an ownership venture.

But then, who starts this group? That is where you need a few dedicated naturists, ones who feel sure that , if there is ever to be a club in their locality, it is up to them to get it started. These are the ones that are thoroughly convinced that naturism is an important part of their lives a lifestyle that is well worth whatever sacrifice and effort is necessary to live it as fully as possible. Others will then become interested when it becomes apparent that something is really going to happen. A group of a dozen, more or less, would be about the best number for a start. You will certainly need ability to share and, as well, possess among you some talents for organizing, writing, keeping records and, above all, a good measure of common sense. You will also need to be able to accept that, as your group develops, there will come others who will build on your efforts and in time assume leadership roles.

Founding members will therefore need some time together to get to know each other, to assess talents and resources and to find out who are the leaders and who prefer to be supporters. And just who will be your leaders? They will be the ones who readily assume responsibility, who will find the needed information and are prepared to act on it. They too will be the ones who will draw others into discussions and activities, and as well make sure that they also have their share of fellowship and fun.

But to avoid domination by a few strong individuals through this process, your group should utilize a "round table" discussion format at which each person is in an equal position to comment on any topic. This is a very successful arrangement for group participation, especially for integrating new or not so outspoken members. And only when general consensus on any issue is not apparent, should a vote be taken.

You will certainly need some persons who are willing and feel quite comfortable to go fully public with their support of

the naturist lifestyle. This may not be possible for all members, even of a founding group some are bound to have certain limitations. Nor can there be any resentments within the group over this matter. It's like working on a high building some enjoy the heights and its challenges, others do great work in laying the foundations.

Very important too, for your naturist group to prosper, there must be a prominent and integral proportion of females, especially in leadership roles. Not only does an equal balance of men and women present your most publicly acceptable appearance, it offers by far the best prospects for good and balanced judgements within your group. Equally important, especially for a founding group, is real experience in social nudism. Preferably this should be some time spent in naturist resorts, a vacation or two at least. The more clubs, resorts and nude beaches you have visited, the better you will be equipped to decide what will be the most suitable prospect for your group and your locality.

Out of all this must come an indication of what type and size of club should be your ultimate aim. Certainly this training period in simple democracy is much needed before engaging in the stress of making this choice and then going on to the more demanding matters of developing and maintaining the club operations in an orderly and financially competent manner.

The experience of the past decade has shown that the most readily accomplished form of organization is a travel club. This is also by far the simplest and least costly form and requires no assets other than the group's personal talents. Financial costs are usually limited to a petty cash fund to cover costs of mailing and reservation charges for use of commercial facilities. All other costs are covered by the membership on pay as you go charges for each activity. Of the five latest groups to form in Ontario, three have been travel clubs and, although a new phenomena to this region, they have been instantly successful and are enjoying rapid growth.

Then, as any travel club grows and matures, it has established a solid membership base which is vital if the ultimate wish is to find land and develop and maintain permanent club facilities.

While operating a co-operative club demands more personal and financial commitment from its membership, there is no problem of owner succession or unwelcome changes in its naturist concepts or business operations. And nothing more brings a membership together in good fellowship than the necessary working and sharing for the common good of the club.

For an ownership club, the time spent as part of a group will be most useful to the prospective owner in assessing the group's commitment to becoming a stable supporting membership and its potential for future growth. It will be the owner's most important market survey to evaluated whether all the necessary investment and work will be worthwhile. And it will provide him/her with valuable training cooperating with a group and understanding their interests.

Even if the owner should consider developing a club as something of personal activity/hobby of sorts, it still must be financially stable. Continued financial losses will surely lead to early discouragement for even the most dedicated and enthusiastic naturist. Equally important, potential owners should realize that operating a naturist park will never be a high profit venture at the best of times. Their efforts should, of course, be adequately rewarded, but the simplicity of naturist recreation leaves little scope for high profits.


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