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This picture was taken by a relative of the young female after the chilling sun rays and the smooth pattern of the sand put her to a deep relaxing sleep. On the shoreline of California, one of the most celebrated states for nudism, one can relax nude with ease. Check your local directories for nudist club locations.

How is it possible for the human body, which was created in the image of god, to be offensive to anybody? Satan would love to see God's greatest creation be considered offensive.

What's So Great About Clothes Anyway?

Why people wear clothes:
"Ok,", I bet you're thinking, "if it's so great, why isn't everyone doing it?" To be honest, it beats me. If I was a sociologist, I would say something like this:

Clothing is a sign of social status and identification of onesself with a particular class or subculture. In removing the importance of clothes, we remove our own public identity.

However, if I were psychologist, I would disagree, noting:

Clothes provide us with a tangible "armour" against physical and emotional threats that we confront in our daily lives. The removal of clothes makes us feel vulnerable.

Now if I were an artist, I would probably point out that:

Once an idea has become accepted by the majority, the minority feel that they are pressured to conform. Being clothed is "safe", and to be unclothed is to fight against established conventions. Once an idea takes sufficient hold, it becomes almost impossible to break out of it without a coup. Only the brave and self-assured feel that their own concepts may equal the convention.

Unfortunately, I am none of these. I am a project manager, and so I'll put my case in more familiar terms:

Senior executive support is crucial to a project succeeding. In the case of nudism, most people can, if they apply good research techniques, see clear benefits in disrobing in appropriate places. However, they realise that without support on the highest level, the project will not be uptaken, and there may be a consequent general loss of confidence in the project manager.

Bet you wish I was a sociologist, huh? I guess what my point comes down to is that people are afraid they'll be found out, be branded as and be forced to live out their lives as a dishwasher in a miner's canteen 300 miles south of the Ecuadorian border.

So let me reassure you. As an Australian, my first nudist experience was a search on Google for the terms "nudist", "Australia" and "holiday". I got back several dozen sites about different Australian clothing-optional campsites, resorts and bed-and-breakfasts. It was the volume that shocked me - was everyone except for me going around nude?


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