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A casual poolside dinner with your nudist family and a friend is one of the best activities you can do when you are hungry for a meal. Explore these classics for the historic vintage galleries provide a look into the world that is long gone. Nudist picture is worth a thousand words; we also have the words to fill you in.

"What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful that the garment with which it is clothed?"

- Michaelangelo

I Would Like to be a Nudist BUT...


Does it matter? Let's be honest in western countries most people are overweight. What you look like to other naturists is of little interest to them. The fact that you may have scars or limbs missing is accepted. A fellow naturist will look you in the eyes rather than stare at your body. This you will quickly realise.


This will always be an initial problem. You are proposing a radical change in your lifestyle. Your partner may never have thought of becoming a nudist and your suggestion to do so would startle him/her.

He/she may have heard all sorts of rumours and misconceptions about what happens at clubs or on the beaches. It could be that he/she may have had a puritanical upbringing.

Whatever the causes of the lack of enthusiasm extreme care is necessary in supporting your case. From the outset it is important that sincerity, honesty, and respect of your partner's feelings remain the basis of your case.

According to a survey conducted by The Naturist Society, it is usually the male partner who suggests giving naturism a try.

It has been noted however that, once they actually experience social nudity, women become very enthusiastic club members. They quickly realise that the naturist environment is safe to both themselves and, more importantly, the children, and enjoy their new freedom, the friendliness of other nudists.


Men are afraid that they will have an erection in the presence of female company. Women have concerns about menstruation, erect nipples and flushed cheeks.

These are valid and understandable concerns to each individual. They are also over rated. It is in fact unlikely that this will happen. A naturist environment is not a sexual one in spite of the nudity and mixing of genders. I have been a club nudist for many years. During that time I have never seen anything that would cause embarrassment to the individual or others.

Should a man feel roused he can cover his modesty by laying on his stomach, taking a shower or swim, or covering himself with a towel.

If it is 'that time of the month' for a woman, there is no requirement to strip off completely. Clubs have toilets in which steps can be taken to rectify one's appearance.


Fantastic !! How often do you see your own children running about the house or sharing the bath?. Are they concerned about their nudity there?

Young children thrive in the naturist environment. It stirs the heart to see children enjoying themselves in club play area, or in the pool with mum (or dad). Kids mix naturally with other children and, whether at a club or on a beach, will enjoy just being themselves. Nudity does not worry them.

Just as importantly children are safe in a naturist environment. We are all very conscious of the harm that unsupervised children can experience and are constantly vigilant.


This is easy. Take off your clothes and relax in the privacy of your own home. Feel the freedom of being natural, enjoy each other's company, and discuss social nudity between yourselves.

Various countries have their own National Naturist Councils. They are there to help you. Write to or telephone one and ask for an `Information Pack' to be sent to you.

Information Packs are tastefully printed and will give you all the information that will enable you to start learning about the naturist lifestyle. They will answer the questions that have inevitably arisen either in your own mind or whilst discussing the matter



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