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Nudism is not limited to land. Children and adults enjoy spending time and playing games in deep natural environments; including rocks. It is amazing how it feels when everything is in direct contact with you, not the clothes. However, one should be very careful not to hurt themselves when walking on potentially sharp grounds.

"Ideally, parents will unostentatiously allow their children to become acquainted, from infancy on, with the nude appearance of family members, juvenile and adult, in the normal course of dressing, undressing, and bathing."

-- Margaret Mead

So What is Nudism You Ask?

Nudism and Nudist believes are about being the way we were born and the way human kind was for most of our history: nude except when the weather dictated otherwise.  It brings everyone down to the same level.  You never know if the person you are talking to is a janitor, a doctor, or the CEO of a Fortune 100 company.  Nudists are extremely accepting of everyone no matter the gender, race, sex, size, etc.  Whether you shop at Wal-Mart or Brooks Brothers, no one knows and no one cares.  It allows us to relax and just enjoy good company.

From one nudist picture to the next, image galleries can provide a good provide good perspective into a highly popular culture of nudism. From teen nudist gallery, to adult nudist resorts, you can explore life without limitations of clothes.

Children's Perceptions of Nudity

The study of children's sexuality is similar to a trip through the desert in California: long stretches of nothing, interrupted by brief flurries of activity and interesting sights. Alayne Yates (1979) cites the sparse and confusing history of scholarly study of the general subject of children's sexuality, and specifically the lack of any concise reference materials for parents and educators. In the United States, as well as most other English-speaking countries, research of this nature has historically been seen as unnecessary (the mildest reaction), intrusive (a common belief among educators: children's sexuality is seen as the purview of the parents alone), or evil (especially among individuals and groups subscribing to certain religious codes and dogma). The impediments to research present a special problem for families and groups that do not share the prevalent views regarding sexuality in general, and nudity/modesty in particular. Smith and Sparks (1986) give numerous examples of families who are nudists, either "social" or "at home," who routinely hide that aspect of their lives for fear that others will find out and disapprove. They fear disapproval because they do not have any well-developed base of scholarly research to support their beliefs that the body is a normal and healthy entity, and that non-sexual nudity is not harmful for children (and is actually beneficial). [Nudists are generally classified as follows: "social nudists" participate in nude recreation and lifestyles in the company of others, such as at beaches, clubs, or other gatherings; "at home nudists" might not participate in group activities, but do not habitually wear clothes at home when circumstances do not require them, such as when sleeping, relaxing in the yard, or simply when in the home alone.]

Goldman and Goldman (1981) chose children as their subjects, as opposed to the previous two studies. Research involving children can be problematic, but can also be quite revealing. The Goldmans interviewed 838 subjects from North America, England, Australia, and Sweden. Subjects' ages ranged from five to 15 years old. Each child was individually interviewed and asked questions designed to elicit responses indicating the child's understanding of wearing clothing, nudity (as viewed by society as a whole), and modesty. The responses were coded and scored according to the Kohlberg scale of moral thinking, in order to assess each subject's level of cognitive reasoning for the answers given. No references were made to the family nudity status, although this again may have been an influential factor.

Nudist and Non-Nudist Perceptions

The last study may be the most useful resource for nudist families. Story (1979) interviewed 264 three- to five-year-old children and their parents. These subjects were chosen and matched based on family nudity status: "social nudist," "at-home- only nudist," or non-nudist. Subjects were all North Americans, with approximately equal numbers sampled from all geographic regions in the United States. The parents were given individually administered interviews to determine the children's ages, sexes, weights, and birth order. The children were interviewed separately; they were asked to tell whether they liked certain body parts, using as references line drawings of nude children of the same sex and race as the child being interviewed. The children were also asked to identify the most- and least-liked body parts, with an explanation for each.

Parental Attitude About Nudism

Aquilino and Ely (1985) studied the attitudes of parents toward the normal sexual development of preschool children. Eighty-one parents with children three to five years old were surveyed regarding the sexual activity and curiosity of preschool children. Subjects were parents whose children attended day-care centers in North Carolina towns. An author-designed questionnaire was used, containing questions relating to parental knowledge, responses to children's sexuality, and comfort with children's sexuality. Subjects also gave information about their age, sex, marital status, religious affiliation, and education, as these factors were seen as potential influences on response outcomes. After individually completing the questionnaires, the subjects were encouraged to participate in group and/or individual question-and-answer sessions. The authors did not state whether any of the subjects were nudists, and it is doubtful that they considered this a potential influence on responses [as it was not included].


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