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Ever celebrated Christmas or New Years? Ever celebrated it in the nude with your close friends and relatives? This idea might be news for you but its nothing new to those who like to use their spark and decorate their Christmas tree, their body, with jolly presents and create a gallery of art.

Forcing others to wear clothes because we cannot control our own lust, is abuse of others.

First Time in Spain.
Summer 2002

My first time was last summer at Tusales Beach, a clothing optional beach at Alicante (Spain) where my parents have an apartment.

I never had intention about going to that beach because I didn't like the idea of being nude in front of other people. Modesty was a rule at home, even with my mother or sister, and with close friends at lockers or Youngs in holidays I always kept the towel wrapped around if I was getting out of the shower or wear at least my panties.

But this summer, my first as married, I went to spend some days to the apartment with my husband, who knew about the existence of the beach reading touristic information and proposed going to the beach. He never had been before at a nudist beach and wanted to try it. I didn't want to go but finally accepted by his insistance but leaving him very clear I was going to wear my bikini.

When we arrived there wasn't many people, most of them retired people, a few couples and some guys, but we walked until we reached a zone away from the people. My husband quickly took his swimsuit off and I left my bikini on. We were suntanning and dipping and he insisted me again not to be a silly girl telling me how wonderful it was staying undressed. Then, taking a look around I noticed I was the only one who wore a two piece bikini. There were other girl top-less but almost everyone was naked, so I felt a bit ridiculous, and as we were a bit apart I decided to do it to make him shut up his mouth, so I took off the top.

First I felt a bit awkward because the situation, but a time after feeling the heat of the sun in my breast I became more relaxed and ended forgetting I was there with my tits exposed and even took a walk by the seaside. Later we went to have our last bath of the day and when we weren inside the water he tried to persuade me to take off the bottom of my suit to try how delightful it was staying naked at the sea, he said no one was going to see me since we were covered by the water, and it was late too and there wasn't almost anyone at the beach. I was feeling so good and curious about it that I took it off and tied around my wrist.

Wow, He was right, what a beautiful sensation feeling the water on your body without the bikini. I felt in Heaven so when we were getting out of the water I didn't put the bottom on again. I couldn't believe it, neither my husband. I was standing there, the prude girl in the middle of the beach full naked not worrying about the people around looking at me. Off course I stood naked enjoyng the sun, the warm air and the sand, and so I did the next days. In fact I was waitng unpatient arriving to the beach to take off the clothes.

Now I am a ethusiastic nudist, thought I have some taboo. I haven't the nerve to tell it at home and if we go to the apartment when my family is there we go to the clothing beach. My husband thinks it's absurd since I am an adult person and I can do what I want. I'm sure he's right and I would like telling my parents I practice nudism, but I don't dare. I'm sure they wouldn't get angry with me, just would feel surprised but I can't tell them.

I don't know if anyone is in the same situation, I would appreciate your comments about it. Anyway I'd like to encourage everyone to make the grade. It's a delight, try it. Kisses from Spain.


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