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NC12 Nude Jr. Beauty Pageant
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Nude activities are healthy for your sex, marriage and family life. Nudist couples are reported of being happier and are observed of having a lower divorce rate than those limited by clothes. Family problems, often derived from sexual impurities of common households, are forgotten when one sees everything god brought them on Earth with. Nudist picture bellow is of a couple sunbathing on a nude recreational beach.

"Sure, some people might believe they are offended by nude bathers, but, if you never encounter anything that offends you in your community, you are not living in a free society."

- Corky Stanton

Step 1: Start at Home

Sounds simple, but if you aren't comfortable being nude around the house, you probably won't be comfortable being nude around others. No big deal. Just try not to be so compulsive about getting dressed when you don't need to be. If you aren't going anywhere, stay nude after bathing. If you aren't already doing it, start sleeping in the nude. Remove your clothes as casually as you remove your shoes. Being nude is the ultimate in casual dress, indulge yourself.

Gradually "let down your guard" around your spouse and kids, and let them feel at ease about doing likewise. If you have a private enough back yard or pool, try skinny-dipping or sunning at off times until you feel comfortable doing it on a regular basis. Don't worry about the neighbors. If they invade your privacy, make nothing of it. If it seems normal to you, they will accept it as part of the package and will more likely question their own problem with it, rather than make a big deal of it.

Why not just stop there? For many, that's as far as they go. In a way, their walls and fences become their more comfortable, roomier clothes. Families members have fewer barriers between them, and home becomes a place where one's appearance is unconditionally accepted. Everyone can just be themselves.

But many of us feel constrained being "closet nudists". Like everyone else, we want who we are, what we look like, and what we do, to be accepted by others. In return, we don't mind extending the same courtesy.

The (not so) Big Step With Nudism

You have two main choices for your first experience. Visit a public nude beach, or a private park/resort. Both have advantages and disadvantages. An accepted nude beach usually is usually secluded, offers anonymity, and requires no commitment. Beachgoers usually stay to themselves, which can be either an advantage or disadvantage. The downside is there aren't many worry free, legal, nude beaches in the US and many other parts of the world. Private parks have the advantage of being protected environments where being nude within the park is unquestionably legal and safe. Since these establishments are privately owned, management has full authority to refuse to admit, or to ask anyone to leave, as they see fit. This gives people a powerful incentive to behave properly, lest that visit be their last. You might initially feel like feel like a stranger amongst friends, but the barriers to getting to know people there are much lower than you'd expect. You'll soon feel more at home than you would in a similar "textile" (clothed) situation.


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