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Evening starts to die down as you begin to tire from a long day of river sailing. Your whole body aches for being nude has a direct affect on every part of your body for nothing is clothed. A cold taste of sweet ice cream is just one of the pleasures of the summer day. Water, yet being another source, will be part of the best massage-like experience you will not forget.

"I believe that people have the right to their own beliefs. I do not feel people have got the right to stop me from expressing my beliefs by picking up the phone, calling the police and having me put in prison."

 - Steve Gough, he intends to walk from Land's end to John O'groats (the length of the British Isles) naked.


It's about relaxation, freedom from restriction - and to a very large degree, it's about honesty.

Naturists are judged on their personalities alone. They take away the trappings that most of us have around us every day. They have less to 'hide behind'. This is very healthy, because it means that friendships are built on truth - as people get used to being open with each other, there is less temptation to embellish! Many naturists form very close non-sexual friendships, with a very strong bond. Honesty also spreads to most other aspects of naturist living. At naturist resorts, thefts and other crimes are almost non-existent.

Being nude can also be incredibly relaxing. The feeling of air, sun and water on the skin is a terrific stress reliever. Most people know this, of course. Even non-naturists can't wait to rush to the coast on sunny days and divest themselves of all but a tiny fraction of their clothing! It's really not that great a step to go from wearing a swimsuit the size of an amoeba to wearing nothing at all. The extra feeling of freedom though can be very big indeed. Many people suffering from stress or pressure at work have said that being at a naturist resort is the best way of alleviating it that they know of!

Many naturists engage in sporting and other leisure activities. These can obviously have a positive health benefit, provided you don't overdo it!

And just think. Women need never worry again about turning up to a party in the same outfit as the hostess!


On the contrary, children who grow up in a naturist environment usually have far fewer hang-ups than other kids. Once again, they are not being subjected to premature sexual situations - they grow up around other children and adults, understanding that the body is not something to be hidden and ashamed of. They know anatomy of the human body, and it is less of a 'taboo' to be explored at the earliest opportunity. There are fewer incidences of teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and criminal behaviour amongst nudist children than amongst other children.

Children are natural nudists too. They only begin to know that they are nude and wonder whether they should be wearing clothes because adults tell them and dress them in certain ways.

It's a very sad fact of life that there are people in society who would harm children or abuse them. Naturists are not these people. Children and teenagers within a naturist community are protected - they not only have their parents with them, but are around their peers and a group of adults who all view nudity in a natural, non-sexual and healthy way.


Absolutely nothing! Nudism must be the only pastime for which the only requirement is just what you were born with. And for many people it isn't just a pastime - it's a way of life. Of course, depending on what you're going to be doing, you might want to be prepared. If you're going to be exposing parts of your body that normally don't even see the light of day, never mind the sun, you might want to apply a good sunscreen. If you're going to be going to a resort, you will probably want to make sure you have some comfortable footwear, towels, maybe a sunlounger etc. You should also check out the catering facilities, as you might want to bring a picnic lunch. Basically, it's just the same as packing for a visit to the beach. You just forget to include your swimsuit.

As for the sunglasses, well friends have found that nipple rings are the perfect holders for their Ray Bans. If you don't fancy body piercing, though, a small bag slung around your neck or carried with you is the perfect repository for your small change and other necessities.


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