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NC12 Nude Jr. Beauty Pageant
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Guide yourself through healthy living with exercise, good food and an optional clothes-free beach near you. Keep your cardiac health online, practice safe-Atkins and go bare and show-off your great body. God created everyone in an image of nakedness; there is nothing to be ashamed off.

"Is it normal for us keep to our bodies covered in cloth 100% of the time? For some people, walking from the bathroom to the bedroom with no towel handy will cause them extreme panic and stress.  Is this healthy?  Being naked should just be another form of dress, nothing more, nothing less."

The Nudist People

What are the people like at these places? The beaches attract a younger, more liberal crowd. But you'll likely also find retirees just fishing or socializing there. Private resorts tend to have more middle aged members, and tend to be somewhat more conservative. Sadly, the groups most underrepresented are teenagers and young adults. Teenagers often feel too constrained by peer pressure and are more self-consciousness about their level of physical maturity. Young adults who are just now trying to "fit in" to society seem less inclined to thumb their noses at it. It takes a fair amount of maturity to question ingrained, but unhealthy, aspects of our culture. The best mix of ages can be found with nudist families, where the kids grow up in that environment. By the way, a lot of research has been done with kids that grow up in nudist families. In just about every way, they turn out better than their clothing compulsive counterparts.

Nudists tend to be very friendly and open, but they don't pry. You won't be expected to use your last name, nor will you be asked to go into detail about what you do, where you work, or where you live. You'll find that one of the best attractions there is not knowing, nor caring, whether the person you're talking with is rich or poor, professional or blue collar. You'll certainly not be able to tell by the way they dress.

Many people are sensitive about their privacy in this environment, so all learn to respect it. Cameras are usually not welcome, and pictures aren't taken unless the parties agree. Gawkers with binoculars and/or cameras at nude beaches are made to feel most unwelcome. Please leave them in the car.

You'll meet people who are older, more overweight, or have had more surgery than you. You'll also meet people who are more attractive, or are "better equipped", than you. That won't matter. The whole idea is to learn to accept the whole person, not just the wrapping.


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