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Relax!! Have a peaceful game of chess as the warm wind hits your face. One of the best things about nudism is that it enhances the level of satisfaction we get from doing simple things in life. No longer do the stress of daily living have to haunt you for you have put yourself into another world. Go bare, read a newspaper and see for yourself how life without clothes may be the right life for you.

"I come from a country where you don't wear clothes most of the year. Nudity is the most natural state. I was born nude and I hope to be buried nude."

- Elle MacPherson, Australian model and actress.

Christianity & Naturism

I personally am a convinced Christian who accepts the Bible as the "Word of God." But I cannot bring myself to use the scriptures to beat others over the head, nor to seek to misuse them to demonstrate things for which they were never intended. Furthermore, I have never heard of any definitive decisions on the part of any of the so-called established churches with regard to the active practice of nudism.

Thus, in the spirit of charity and love spoken of by St. Paul, I find that it is increasingly possible for us as believing, practicing Christians of all denominations, to join together in the practice of nudism for the physical, psychological, moral and spiritual benefit of us all.

The discussion of the Bible and nudism is especially interesting today, with the cleaning and renovation work being completed at the Sistine Chapel. After centuries of shamefulness, in which the papacy ordered Michelangelo's nudes to be covered with garments and robes, Pope John Paul II has given permission to the restorers to return all of the 40 or so figures to their original state of nudity. Thus we shall have before long the greatest display of full frontal nudity in one of the great churches of the world!

If you are a believer in eternal life, how do you think you are going to appear in that physical state? How are you going to meet Jesus Christ, his Mother, and all the saints? Obviously you are going to be nude, in the glory of your first creation, and so shall all the others about you be bare of any adornment, no longer needed for any reason. Jesus, his Mother, the saints all nude! Shocking, scandalous, blasphemy!

I mention this to make the point that nudity and the human body are not to be rejected as something evil and disorderly. We have made of clothing an absolute fetish, not merely a need of covering and protection of the body under certain circumstances. No one can reasonably object to the necessity for body covering at certain times and places. Even clothing as decoration perhaps has a place, for it does appear in all social structures that humans wish to decorate their bodies, whether clothed or naked.

Unfortunately, we are today faced with serious and dangerous excesses on the right and the left. It often seems that the excesses of the one tend to animate and foster the excesses of the other. But there is, to my knowledge, no organized libertarian group that is a true threat to the valid rights and honest liberties of the broad middle.

On the right, however, are a number of organizations -- powerful, influential, and financially strong -- that for whatever motivation, seek to impose their beliefs, convictions, and objectively erroneous interpretations on all others.

This is not to say we should be tolerant of every conceivable conduct, especially those harmful to us, our children, and our honestly acquired property.

But we have seen, in the very recent past, how some of these self-proclaimed authorities have fallen far from the state of perfection in which they had placed themselves, and in their preaching they have duped many good people into contributing to their personal and very questionable way of life.

Does it not seem strange that here in the United States, a nation to which millions have fled to escape all kinds of tyrannies, we have now apparently come full circle, and we find a tyranny that threatens us, a group seeking to dominate the vast majority who only wish to be left in peace to practice ways of life that do not harm others?


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